Frequently Asked Questions

"Will I be 'out of it' if I use Hypnosis?"

  • Absolutely not. All hypnotherapy is self-hypnosis, you are always fully conscious and able to open your eyes or talk at any time. It is not possible to hypnotise an unwilling participant. Hypnosis is a state that everybody passes through at some point in their day - daydreaming, watching TV, reading, driving (have you ever arrived at a destination and not remembered the journey?)

"I had a Caesarean section for my previous birth, can I use HypnoBirthing to try for a VBAC?"

  • Certainly. Using HypnoBirthing can signifi cantly improve the chances of a successful VBAC because the birthing process is so much gentler and does not use forced pushing.

"Can you guarantee a pain free birth?"

  • Unfortunately not. 95% of women are able to achieve a comfortable birth, 60% of women that use HypnoBirthing use no pain relief at all, a further 20-25% use mild relief such as gas and air. There are occasionally 'special circumstances' where a mother will need assistance, but using HypnoBirthing will allow her to make informed choices about the options she has.

"Can't I teach myself just using a book and CD?"

  • HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method book can be purchased with a CD and explains the theory and techniques well, using it to prepare for birth will certainly help improve the chance of a comfortable birth. Attending a HypnoBirthing course however will give you one-to-one guidance, opportunities to practice with your partner, help creating your birth plan, and hypnotherapy sessions in classes.

"I am a Christian, isn't HypnoBirthing against my religion?"

  • No. All Hypnosis is self-hypnosis and is a state you allow yourself to reach. It is a normal natural state through which we all pass in a normal day, daydreaming, watching TV, reading. Using a technique like HypnoBirthing allows you to actually work with your body as it was made and is far more natural than using medication.

"Can I claim the cost of the HypnoBirthing course from my Medical Aid?"

  • Medical Aids do not currently cover the cost of a course, however as awareness of the benefits of HypnoBirthing grows, it's likely that this will change soon. Discovery Health will however award Vitality points for attendance if you submit a certificate on completion of the course.

"Can I still have a hospital birth if I use HypnoBirthing?"

  • The majority of moms still choose to birth in a hospital rather than birthing at home (around 30% choose homebirth). It is actually even more important to have tools, and to be more educated as to your choices about birth if you choose to have a hospital birth, where you are statistically more likely to face intervention in an environment less suited to a calm and relaxed birthing atmosphere.

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How HypnoBirthing® works for you...
Frequently Asked Questions
"Most of all I am glad to have shown my gynae, an old-school interventionist, that it IS possible and that HypnoBirthing is not about scented candles and hippie music! I can only encourage every woman who wants to go natural to look into HypnoBirthing as a wonderful option to get in touch with one's body and work together and bond with one's baby!"
Yasmin, second time mom to Lilly
"Every one of the staff was amazed at how calm my wife was, she was even laughing at my jokes as our baby's head was emerging! She rejected their offers of drugs and we assured them that we believed nature knew best."
Leonard, first time Dad to Hannah
"Hypnobirthing techniques got me so exited about my birth and really helped me make a connection with my unborn baby. I couldn't wait to meet him!"
Lynn - first time mom to Jude
"Kim is a very relaxed teacher and has sound knowledge on the practice. I found her style very reassuring. She also has a perfect tranquil voice for all the deep hypno techniques, a very soothing tone!"
Rob, father of HypnoBirthing baby Thomas
"I stayed relaxed and trusted my body to do what it needed to do which I am positive helped make my labour shorter and quite manageable."
Alex Reed, second time mum of Annabelle
"Labour lasted just four hours (it felt like 20 minutes!) and I can honestly say it was the most amazing experience. I feel very lucky to have met Kim and had the opportunity to experience a Hypnobirth for myself."
Donna, UK - first time mum to Maisie
"Thank you so much for enabling a positive magical birth experience!"
Deanne Vaughan, first time mum of Alastair
"When I look at my calm, healthy baby and wife, I know that we have made the best decision ever. Thank you, Kim, for dispelling all my fears and good luck with your classes."
Leonard, first time Dad to Hannah
"Kim was excellent, she was understanding, gentle and very supportive throughout. Kim gave me encouragement whenever I was giving into fear and helped me through some crucial moments during the course. I would recommend HypnoBirthing to all expectant mums."
Anu, 1st time mom to Vivaan
"I fully support the Hypnobirthing techniques and believe they helped me to remain calm throughout my pregnancy and birth. Lilia is also a calm baby which I'm sure also stems from this."
Claire, UK - first time mum to Lilia
"I would do it again any time and can't wait for my HypnoBirth number two! I was the talk of the weekend - most of the nurses and midwives had not seen a natural delivery without pain relief in ages and everyone talked about me, which I found very amusing!"
Yasmin, second time mom to Lilly
"I'd recommend the experience to any parents wishing for a calm entrance for their child."
Rob, father of HypnoBirthing baby Thomas
"I would highly recommend Kim as a antenatal teacher as we have a great bond with her even now."
Lynn - first time mom to Jude
"It really was the most thrilling experience of my life and I couldn't have wished for a more wonderful delivery."
Lisa Baker, second time mum of Thomas